TV – Cinema – Commercial Productions
Post Production:
composition, color correction, editing, visual effects, creative direction and motion graphics
2D and 3D Animation
Character Creation
storyboards, illustrations, logos
Internet Services
Corporate Videos

The field of MAGIKON LTD activities is the production of films both for cinema and for tv. The company was founded in 1993 by two competent professionals, Manolis Sakkadakis, a visual effects expert in traditional cinematography and Yannis Georgariou, a figurative artist and animator and a pioneer in the production and development of 2D & 3D animation in Greece.

Today MAGIKON continues in the same vein to combine high technology with the values of the hand made product. The company field of activity is the one of live action advertising productions, and it is a multi-member and fully trained possessing company 3D animation department, with lots of productions in its asset.

The company is staffed by fully trained personnel, in all the sectors of its activity fields, while at the same time it collaborates with a number of competent freelancers that live and work both in Greece and abroad.

The quality of its productions in the sectors of production of advertising films for cinema and tv, three-dimensional depiction, two-dimensional depiction, digital visual process, special effects, has been certified according to the Quality Management System Model EN ISO 9001:2008

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